How to Write a Character Sketch?

 A character sketch defined by essay writing service is a description provided by the purpose to introduce a certain character to a reader by the writer in a story. It includes the character’s attributes, physical appearance, his understanding and actions in different situations, state of mind, and their future. 


You can only make a captivating story by presenting your characters and by playing with their actions and reactions. In a story, you cannot make your audience physically see a character and his actions. For this purpose, a character sketch is written to paint a picture for your readers. 


According to the best essay writing service a good character sketch answers all his reader’s questions about a particular character. From his attributes, weaknesses, strengths, fears, goals, general life, everything. 


Let’s see how character sketching is done:


  1. Physical attributes of your characters - Readers most relate to characters more than a story. It is important for them to know their physical appearance to paint a picture in their heads about a character. Also, identify the name of your character as well.
  2. Talk about the character’s features, height, attire, and complexion. Writing about the appearance of a character is the initial step in drafting an entire character sketch.
  3. What is that character up to? - if you did not show your character is dull in appearance, a reader would want to know what is he up to from his appearance. Your audience wants to know what your character was doing when he was introduced. The activity of a character will help your readers get other minor details like the setting and time of the day. Here reflect your knowledge about the characters, their actions, and the main plot.
  4. Character’s emotions - stating the emotional state of your character in a character sketch is important. Your character must have some dominant emotions that should be presented in the sketch. Also, state what the general view of life your character has. Is he an optimist, what makes him sad or happy? What is the nature of your character etc?
  5. The backstory of a character - your character description lead the audience towards the larger story. Details that takedown to a memory lane to your readers is important for a good story. There can be a time in your story when the upbringing and childhood memories of a character will be related.


A backstory can be developed by keeping in mind the people and things around your character. Whatever you write should be believable by the audience. If portraying your character as a misogynist give a reason for it. 


Writing a character sketch is important for an effective story. It acts as a guideline for your story. A character sketch is helpful for the readers to relate the future actions of the character to the character’s thinking. further you can explore more about character sketching essay on cheap essay writing service.



When you know that a character’s anger is triggered by lies, whenever a reader will come up with a situation in a story where people around a character are lying, you will instantly know that it will fuel up the character’s anger. 


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